Fabrication and polishing

We provide polishing processing of fluorite and other optical materials, delivering products in shapes of lens, plane glass or other component with a diameter up to 400 mm from single to mass production.

  High accuracy General accuracy
Size CaF2 φ10-200mm
BaF2 φ10-130mm
Material CaF2, BaF2, Optical glass
Machined shape Various lenses (biconvex lens, meniscus lens, etc.)
Plane glass, prism, etc.
Curvature < ±1Fr < ±5Fr
Profile irregularity < λ/6.66 < λ/2
Surface roughness < RMS 0.3nm < RMS 3nm
Diameter tolerance ±0.005㎜ ±0.015㎜
Wall ±0.01㎜ ±0.1㎜
Eccentricity < 20 seconds < 1 minutes
Appearance accuracy(S/D) Compliable with MIL-0-13830
Canon Optron's standards usually recommended

Polished surface accuracy of fluorite

Polished surface roughness of fluorite