Canon Optron has been working on the development of large, ultra-high quality fluorite crystals, used in semiconductor exposure devices. For our achievements in this area, we were recognized with a technology prize from the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth in 2005.

High-Purification Technology

Ultra-high purity fluorite can be produced using our technology for refining the material to high purity. These fluorites are excellent in transmittance in the vacuum ultraviolet region, now being used in a UV grade lens for UV light.

Large Crystal Production Technology

We have made advancements in our crystal growth and anneal technologies, succeeding in the growth of large diameter fluorite crystals with low birefringence and high homogeneity. These products have been employed in the large diameter, refracting astrometric telescopes at astronomical observatories in Japan.

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High Precision Measurement

To meet the demands of customers, we are making company-wide efforts to pursue and guarantee quality by effectively managing all phases from the procurement of materials to production and tests.

We measure the optical properties * of CaF2 that has been grown as crystal material for optical applications. Such CaF2 product has a quality that satisfies the needs of customers when they use it as a crystal material or a material for lenses.
(*)Major optical properties

- Crystal plane orientation
- Transmittance (@ 193 nm)
- Birefringence (@ 633 nm)
- Homogeneity

Fluorescent materials

We relied on technology accumulated through the manufacture of fluorite lenses for cameras to develop fluorescent materials with fluorite (CaF2) as the main component.
This material offers a wealth of color variations, such as a fluorescent material that emits one of two colors depending on the light source.


Colorless and transparent, the materials emit light under UV exposure(Single color・Dual color)

Materials that turn from colorless to pink under natural light.


FORGERY PREVENTION:Adds value to jewelry and decorative objects.

Jewelry, Watch, Bag

UV Checker:Useful as a checker for the emitted wavelength and irradiated area from UV devices.

Medical science, Biotechnology