Canon's Corporate Philosophy of Kyosei

Based on the idea of Coexistence, one of the Canon Group's philosophies, we strive to contribute to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of humanity. We also continue to make efforts to meet expectations of society by building good relationships with not only customers and communities but also countries and regions as well as the Earth and nature.

Environment Conservation Efforts

At our factories that produce materials, we give full consideration to possible impacts on the environment to protect the Earth. Every one of our employees has been actively undertaking measures to preserve the environment, including daily energy saving, water saving and recycling. They also try as much as possible to use packing/packaging materials made of biodegradable ingredients that join with the earth after time, not plastics that are harmful to the environment.

Our efforts to reduce damage to the environment include elimination of the disposal of waste into landfill, recycling or value recovery of industrial waste, and cyclic use where the waste is reprocessed to obtain raw materials or packaging materials.

History to date

November 2001 Launched the Environment Conservation Executive Administration Committee
May 2002 Obtained ISO14001 certification
August 2003 Designated as Type1 Designated Energy Management Factory
March 2005 Certificated as Ibaraki Prefecture Excellent Recycling Business Firm
August 2005 Acquired ISO 14001 Consolidated Certification for the Canon Group

Our environment conservation efforts will be made across the Canon Group based on the Canon Group Environment Charter, where corporate activities are performed with priority given to the coexistence with local communities and the Earth.

Local Social Activities

We have been involved in local social activities to make us a respected and trusted organization.

Community cleaning

We are contributing to the beautification of local communities through the periodical cleaning of areas near our location.

Ecocap Movement

We have been participating in the Ecocap Movement, where we collect and recycle the caps of PET bottles, and sell the recycled products to purchase vaccines for children in developing countries.

Collection of used stamps

We collect used stamps and donate them to NPO organizations for financial resources to volunteer activities.

Fund raising

We organize fund raising activities as needed. Raised funds will be used to help local people suffering from natural disasters or other situations.