Company Info and History

Company Info

Company name Canon Optron, Inc.
Address 1744-1, Kanakubo, Yuki-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
Capital 80,000,000 yen
Shareholder Canon Inc. (100%)
Establishment 1974
Site area 38,202m2
Floor area 13,256m2
Fields of business Development, production and sales of optical crystals and vacuum evaporation materials


Started development of fluorite at the Toride factory of Canon Inc.
1968 Started production of fluorite crystals
1972 Started development of evaporation materials
1974 Optron Inc. was established
1977 Started production of evaporation materials
1983 Became 100% subsidiary of Canon Inc.
2001 Move to Yuki-shi, Ibaraki
2004 Company name changed to Canon Optron, Inc.
2014 Symbolic Brand Logo Created for Our 40th Anniversary

The Canon Optron, Inc. Symbolic Brand Logo

The Canon Optron, Inc. logo was established to commemorate our 40th anniversary in 2014. As a symbol of the Optron brand, the logo expresses the rationale, mission, appearance, attitude, and aims of Optron.




By public transportation:

20 minuts from JR Oyama station by taxi.
(By JR Tohoku Shinkansen, you can reach Oyama in 45 minutes from Tokyo or in 12 minutes from Utsunomiya)

5 minutes from Yuki Station (JR Mito line) by taxi


By car:

About 40 minutes from the Sano Fujioka IC of the Tohoku Expressway
About 90 minutes from the Yawara IC of the Joban Expressway
120 minutes through the National Road No. 4 Bypass from the Tokyo metropolitan area