Message from President

We are committed to contribute to the development of the optics industry by leveraging our unique technologies to create new values for optical materials.

We were established as a company called Optron Inc. in 1974 with the corporate purpose of mass-producing artificial fluorite. Then we expanded our efforts into the field of evaporation (vapor deposition) materials for optical applications. Since that time, we have continued to provide customers with a broad range of products including evaporation materials and crystal materials as well as services such as lens processing in order to meet their needs. Let us take this opportunity to thank our customers for the support they have provided, without which our growth would not have been possible.

It is said that the 21st century is the age of light. As the optics industry plays a more and more important role in the areas such as imaging, communications and photovoltaic power generation, it is expected that the world of the light helps make our life richer and more convenient. At the same time, while the role of optical materials that support the optics industry is also increasing more and more, they are required to meet the various and demanding needs. We at Canon Optron, Inc. will make efforts to explore our own growth as one of the optical material manufacturers, as well as to serve the development of the optics industry in the 21st century.

To these ends, while further evolving our expertise and unique technologies accumulated throughout our long history, we aim at creating a vibrant working environment full of employees who will think outside the box, and take on new challenges according to the Canon Group's Three Selfs Spirit: Self-Motivation, Self-Management and Self-Awareness.
Under the principle of developing itself constantly while trying to make our employees feel happier as well as to make the next generation society more affluent, Canon Optron also will continue to exercise corporate social responsibility in our communities by trying to minimize any potential impact of our operations on health, safety and the environment.

We strive to meet all of our customers' needs and expectations, as well as we hope for your continued support and encouragement.

HIROSHI OKU, President