Trial Production

We manufacture various trial products to meet customer requests.
If you are interested in our products, feel free to consult us.

Film Formatio

Film Formatio

  • We provide total support from the selection of evaporation materials to trial deposition.
  • If you do not have deposition equipment, we will do deposition after mass production on consignment.
  • Consult use for deposition on various boards (glass, resin, etc.) at your hand.
Evaporation Materials Coating Materials

Evaporation Materials Coating Materials

  • We manufacture evaporation materials meeting customer requests by using or blending various kinds of materials that we handle.
  • We provide advice based on our own technologies and information.
 Optical Crystals

Optical Crystals

  • We manufacture trial crystals from customer requested material (fluoride).
  • We provide machining and polishing as well as manufacturing crystals on consignment.
  • We handle large-diameter and special-shaped lenses upon consultation.

We can accommodate any quantity, starting from just one piece.
We provide follow-up support after prototyping to assist you all the way to volume production.
We offer thin-film deposition operations on a contract basis for customers without access to deposition equipment.
Please contact us first if you have any concerns at all.
※We may need some time when busy.
※Trial products may not be free of charge depending on the contents and quantity.
※Please note that some orders may not be acceptable.