Fluorine-free water repellent coating

In response to social demands, we have developed and made available for purchase a coating material that does not utilize fluorine (PFAS).



Water repellent Reduces the adhesion of water drops and water marks
Antifouling Ink, fingerprints etc. wipe off easily
Low refractive index Has less impact on optical properties
Process Evaporated and deposited with SiO2 to ensure the highest performance.




Basic features

OR-510 (Fluorine-free product) OF-SR (Standard fluorine product)
Contact angle (2.5μL of pure water) 106° 108°
Sliding angle (30μL of pure water)
Refractive index 1.328 1.314
Recommended coat thickness 6nm 10nm

Slipperiness evaluation

Sliding angle measurement method
Measuring equipment Contact angle meter
Measurement method Tangent method
Type of droplet liquid Pure water: ion exchanged water

Xenon Weather Meter Test

Xenon Weather Meter Test
Accelerated weathering test conditions
Test equipment Xenon weathering meter
Relative humidity 50 [%Rh]
Test duration 920 [hours]
Light source Xenon arc lamp
Filter Quartz/ #275
Surface radiation 180 [W/m2]
Water jet condition 18 min of mist spray out of 120min of illumination

Developed products

Basic performance

Developed product-03-001 Developed product-01-001 OR-510 OF-SR
PFAS (Contains organic fluorine compounds) No No No Yes
Contact angle [°] (2.5μL) Pure water 108 102 106 108
Hexadecane 33 20 37 65
Sliding angle [°] Pure water (30μL) 3 20 1 8
Dynamic friction coefficient (Measurement condition: 50g/cm2) 0.15 0.40 0.10 0.24
Surface free energy [mJ/m2] 24.2 26.4 22.5 13.6
Pure water contact angle after wear [°] (1kg/cm2 1000 times)) 92 101 10° or less 107

Wear-resistance evaluation

Wear count
Wear-resistance test conditions
Substrate type BK-7
Abrasive material Steel wool
Mass [g] 1000
Speed [cycle/min] 60
Wear distance [mm] 10
Developed product-03-001 Developed product-01-001 OR-510 OF-SR
Initial contact angle [°] 108 102 106 108

Anti-fouling evaluation

Developed product-03-001 Developed product-01-001 OR-510 OF-SR

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