Evaporation Materials / Coating Materials


Today, thin films are used in a broad variety of applications and industries, including anti-reflection coating of lenses, laser filters, mirrors, liquid crystal display panels and architectural glass. The sources of these thin films are evaporation materials, which are manufactured in many types, sizes and shapes to meet various needs. Since starting the mass production of evaporation materials in 1977, Canon Optron has continued to provide customers with quality evaporation materials that address their needs by taking advantage of our technologies for powder controlling/forming and sintering/melting. The recent advancement of technologies has increased the demand for higher quality thin films. Accordingly, evaporation materials also are expected to be of higher quality and function. Under these circumstances, Canon Optron continue to provide the highest quality evaporation materials suited to various methods for thin film manufacturing by taking advantage of our sophisticated technologies developed through our R&D efforts.

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Fluorine-free water repellent coating NEW

OR-510/ Developed product

Water repellent

This is a fluorine-free coating that enables easy water removal.
In response to social demand, we have developed a coating material that does not utilize fluorine (PFAS).
Please check out our in-development products too.

Super Hydrophobic Coating 


Water and oil repellent Resistant to scratch High Durability High Transparency

This fluorine coating material makes it easier to remove water and oily residues.
New SURFCLEAR 300 with outstanding weather resistance has been added to the previous SURFCLEAR 100 coating material.

Hydrophilic Coating


Fine view Antifouling

The calcium phosphate coating materials can make views clear. They exhibit hydrophilic performance in dark places or outdoors where photocatalysts used as general hydrophilic coating materials are disadvantageous.

Antistatic Coating


Hard for pollen and dust to stick High refractive index due to ITO

Anti-static property prevents dust and pollen adhesion.

Gas-barrier Coating


Excellent gas-barrier performance Prevents film cracking and peeling

This material reduces splashes during evaporation. It lessens the occurrence of pinholes and adhesion of foreign matter caused by splashes and provides excellent gas-barrier performance.
Effective in preventing film cracking and peeling.