Evaporation Materials
Coating Materials

Today, thin films are used in a broad variety of applications and industries, including anti-reflection coating of lenses, laser filters, mirrors, liquid crystal display panels and architectural glass. The sources of these thin films are evaporation materials, which are manufactured in many types, sizes and shapes to meet various needs. Since starting the mass production of evaporation materials in 1977, Canon Optron has continued to provide customers with quality evaporation materials that address their needs by taking advantage of our technologies for powder controlling/forming and sintering/melting. The recent advancement of technologies has increased the demand for higher quality thin films. Accordingly, evaporation materials also are expected to be of higher quality and function. Under these circumstances, Canon Optron continue to provide the highest quality evaporation materials suited to various methods for thin film manufacturing by taking advantage of our sophisticated technologies developed through our R&D efforts.

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