Hydrophilic coating PHILICFINE HP

What is Hydrophilic Coating?

Hydrophilicity is a property that causes water on a surface to spread out into a thin film rather than forming droplets.
Benefits: Ensures a clear field of vision and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface

Product Features

  • Exhibits good hydrophilicity
  • Effective in dark places
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Can be used on plastics
  • High transparency
  • Select the product that match your application


Applied Example

Examples of envisioned applications

  • Prevent poor visibility due to rain on security camera protective covers or automobile side mirrors
  • Prevent poor visibility caused by water droplets on eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, etc.
  • Prevent spurious operations due to water droplets, by coating the cover materials on laser sensors used with automatic doors, etc.
  • Promote culture cell growth by making Petri dishes or plates hydrophilic

Product Lineup

  HP-1 HP-2 HP-3
Hydrophilicity ++ ++ +
Weatherability(XW)** - -* + ++
Abrasion Resistance ++ + - -*
Water Mark Resistance*** - - - +
Salt Spray Test (168h) - -* + +
Refractive Index****
(Film Thickness)
Approx. 1.55
Approx. 1.65
Approx. 1.81
Note: Some absorption occurs

--* : Contact Angle ≥30°
XW **: Xenon Weather Meter Test, Duration of test = about six months
Water Mark Resistance *** : "+" shows little water mark on the substrate after dry.
Refractive Index****:Measured at wavelength of 550 nm.

The table above compares the three products based on in-house testing. Results may differ from those listed above, depending on the deposition method.

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