Water and oil repellent coating SURFCLEAR

What is Water and oil repellent coating?

These coatings have a property that repels water and oils that land on their surface.
Benefits: Lowers adhesion of contaminants, improves ease of contaminant removal, protects against scratches, etc.

Characteristics by Type


Water drops run off easily

Fingerprints and other oily contaminants wipe off easily

Difficult to scratch



Provides stable water and oil repellency even outdoors

Significantly lower degradation due to salt damage

Highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals


Common Characteristics

  • Water repellent

    Reduces the adhesion of water drops, water marks

  • Antifouling

    Reduces the attachment of fingerprints, allows easy wiping and enhances durability

  • Scratch resistant

    Reduces the occurrence of scratches due to decreased friction

  • Anti-corrosive

    Mitigates corrosion of metal surfaces

  • Low refractive index

    Provides less impact on optical properties

  • Production process

    Vapor deposition coating made on SiO2, giving highest quality

Basic Features

Contact angle
(2.5 μl of pure water)
117° 115°
Sliding angle
(30 μl of pure water)
Refractive index 1.33 1.34
Recommended coat thickness 16nm 10nm


SURFCLEAR 100 provides high slip performance even with tiny water drops

Sliding Angle for Water Test Conditions
Measurement device Contact angle measuring instrument
Measuring method Tangent method
Droplet used Pure water: Ion-exchanged water

Durability Assessments


SURFCLEAR 300 maintains its performance even in extreme environments

Accelerated Weathering Test Conditions
Test device Xenon Weather Meter
Relative humidity [%Rh] 50
Testing time [hours] 920
Equivalent to two years
Light source Xenon arc lamp
Filter Quartz/ #275
Irradiance [W/m2] 180
Water spray cycle Sprayed for an 18-minute period for each 120-minute period of exposure


The SURFCLEAR series exhibits high abrasion resistance

Abrasion Resistance Test Conditions
Abrasion material Steel wool #0000
Load [g] 1000
Speed [mm/sec] 60
Abrasion distance [mm] 15


Application examples


  • Sunglasses and goggles … improves ease of removing fingerprints without affecting optical characteristics
  • Automobile cameras and mirrors … reduces adhesion of water drops and formation of water marks
  • Smartwatches, wireless headphones, and other wearable devices … improves ease of removing contaminants
  • Digital signage and other touch panels … minimizes likelihood of scratches by maintaining slip performance in outdoor applications
  • Security cameras and video intercoms … reduces maintenance by preserving antifouling performance in outdoor applications


  • Smartphones, tablets, and game consoles … improves operability with a better finger-sliding feel and improves ease of removing fingerprints
  • Watches and game consoles … minimizes likelihood of scratches by improving slip performance
  • Eyeglasses, sunglasses, and camera lenses … reduces adhesion of water drops without affecting optical characteristics
  • Displays … reduces adhesion of fingerprints and other oily contaminants

Deposition examples

See examples of depositions that combine anti-reflection and antifouling coatings

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